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  1. It is hard not to view this axiom of early Christian imagination from a post-Reformation perspective.
  2. It has long been an axiom of the Labour Party that MacDonald's actions in 1931 marked him as a traitor to the cause.
  3. The question of questions was at bottom this: the nineteenth century, with its partial proof of evolution and its axiom that miracles do not happen, enabled the chance of historical enquiry into the life and work of Jesus through the testing of ancient documents.
  4. It is all too easy for the Germans to accept the glib axiom that whatever is good for Germany is good for Europe, and the "European" gloss may permit them to pursue their own interests while trying to convince others, and even perhaps convincing themselves, that they are doing this for Europe.
  5. That was where lay the inherent strength of the axiom which the British imagined they had defeated.
  6. An axiom is that nothing unworthy of God can be intended.
  7. It was not however for geographical reasons an acknowledgement that could have been applied across the Atlantic; and subsequent history in the British Isles emphasised a rider or refinement without which the axiom itself is not complete.
  8. In Canada the British not only deluded themselves that they had defeated the axiom; they also imagined it was the federal ingredient that had enabled them to do the trick.
  9. However, this fails to acknowledge a fundamental axiom of social work practice; namely that language not only reflects but also shapes social reality.
  10. It should be an axiom, he thought, that the fewer the rules the better.
  11. The axiom with which America confronted them was that a government so controlled could not govern any population not represented in that Parliament.
  12. The rebellion of the American colonies in the eighteenth century confronted the British with an axiom which, for reasons which are capable of being understood, they found so unpleasant that more than two centuries later they have still not ceased attempting to wish it out of existence.
  13. The axiom is that these novels are the first to be written.

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