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  1. A second-hand tractor front axle would have cost a lot more.
  2. A second-hand ZF tractor axle would have been ideal, were it not for the likely 12,000 price-tag and the fact that they're hard to get hold of.
  3. Wet brakes are always within an axle; dry brakes may be internal or external.
  4. The "central arm" feature of the rear suspension describes the function of the front longitudinal arm mount as the central point or "pole" of the axle.
  5. Replacing a Range Rover's ball joint which joins rear axle to A frame
  6. There are no breathers on the swivels but the axle breather must be clear.
  7. The front axle came from a one - year-old burnt-out JCB digger and cost Mr Tomlinson 500.
  8. The Carrera 4 still has its engine sited behind the back axle, VW Beetle-style, in no man's land where no self-respecting car designer would ever site the engine of a truly new car.
  9. Later, for the 20 and 30, the motor was moved ahead of the front axle.
  10. Wheelbase is the horizontal distance between front and rear axle centres.
  11. The next hurdle was finding a front axle.
  12. I wonder if you could tell me who could supply parts for the output differential to the second rear axle.
  13. If the problem re-occurs then the seal between the axle and the swivel housing is faulty and allowing oil to pass from the axle into the swivel housing and then into the brakes.

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