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Перевод: disappointed speek disappointed

разочарованный; разочаровавшийся; огорченный; несбывшийся


  1. He said this almost with regret, in the tones of a disappointed birdwatcher searching for the great crested grebe.
  2. His wife, severely disappointed to find that her husband was happy to sink to the status of a businessman with only a distant connection with the movies, ran off with a more committed actor.
  3. The London captain, David Pegler, said afterwards he was disappointed that his team did not play to their full potential, and their coach, Dick Best, felt the same.
  4. If you're still alive, you won't be disappointed.
  5. According to his solicitor at the time Nicholas was "bitterly disappointed with the verdict because he is not a violent man."
  6. Now the school bus, full of disappointed kids, wends it's way twice daily down a country lane lined with equally disappointed farmers who stare wistfully into the distance, recalling the heady days of four-legged Formula 1 racing!
  7. Mabel (disappointed).
  8. Firstly, hopes that opening the universities to lower social classes might reveal untapped reserves of brain-power have been disappointed.
  9. You lost a fair amount of weight to begin with but in the last week you have only dropped 1 lb (0.4 kg) and you are disappointed with progress.
  10. Although next week's show concentrates on Aids issues, LAURIE YOUNG, 13, was disappointed that the first programme failed to address the problem.
  11. But anybody expecting the G7 to meet the Gulf war with a bold plan to stabilise currencies was disappointed.
  12. He was disappointed somehow.
  13. To Michael Powell documentary was nothing more than a refuge for "disappointed feature filmmakers or out-of-work poets", but the wartime films he made within an immensely fruitful collaboration (the Archers) with the Hungarian Emeric Pressburger, with the two of them sharing credits for production, direction and screenwriting, take on documentary concerns in ways which indicate that the absorption of the documentary filmmakers into commercial filmmaking was only an incidental part of a process with roots deep in wartime culture.

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