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Перевод: discovery speek discovery

открытие; обнаружение; раскрытие; развертывание; обязательное представление документов суду


  1. In James Watson's account (1970) of the discovery of the structure of DNA - where the non-scientist expects to find strictly-controlled and logically-sequenced reasoning - there is an element of play: "All we had to do was to construct a set of molecular models and begin to play" ( ibid .
  2. It was here, in 1764, that a Warwickshire gentleman made a discovery of the greatest significance.
  3. The more enquiring ventured further afield and a young Yorkshireman, Thomas Johnson, apprenticed to a Mr William Bell in 1620, paid particular attention to botanical discovery.
  4. Earlier this year Central and Anglia teamed up in a jointly owned group, Television Sales Marketing Services, which has now won contracts to sell time for Border TV and the cable channel Discovery.
  5. However, the development that particularly interested Nicholson was Perkin's discovery of the first aniline dyestuff in his home laboratory in the East End.
  6. Although prices have not been announced, Land-Rover is said to be keen that the turbodiesel Discovery should undercut the 17,859 Mitsubishi Shogun five-door turbodiesel.
  7. Take a seat aboard a flying desk and spiral backwards through the corridors of time on an exciting journey of discovery; the story of Oxford University is uncovered to reveal its remarkable impact on Western civilisation.
  8. A shame, then, that so few of the Discovery's customers are likely ever to make use of these abilities.
  9. A number of teachers have of course been exposed to discovery methods, the principles of new maths and new science; there is, however, a strong countervailing trend in which pupils know from their CPE texts what are the answers, the definitions of the scientific laws, and increasingly regard as a waste of time proving by rudimentary experiments what they already know.
  10. Humane societies plan to file charges against Stanford University and the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital following the discovery of a badly wounded Samoyed dog in the corridors of the hospital, where Stanford researchers were working.
  11. THE discovery of two kidnapped and executed American civilians sharply increased the tension of the siege of the Papal mission in Panama yesterday, as the Vatican refused to hand over General Manuel Noriega to "the occupying power" of the US.
  12. What is happening is the discovery that a new method has made its appearance.
  13. The development was the "most exciting discovery of the last decade" because it opened up new treatment avenues.

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