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Перевод: dissonance speek dissonance

диссонанс ; несоответствие; неблагозвучие; несходство; разлад


  1. On this basis the detection of discrepancy or "dissonance" is possible.
  2. Given the comparative naivet of popular and vernacular idioms, Schoenberg's liberation of dissonance ("enlarging the boundaries of the permissible", as Debussy put it) posed difficulties for the average listener that remain a subject of controversy.
  3. Europe's failure stemmed from the dissonance between its relations with the Mediterranean world and its security dependence on the United States.
  4. There was some role dissonance in the expectations of each side in this marriage, which made it likely that some kind of counselling help would be required at intervals.
  5. Artaria Co published the six "Haydn" quartets, of which the last three were K.458 in B flat, known as the "Hunt" because of its "huntingstyle finale; K.464 in A, and K.465 in C, the remarkable "Dissonance" Quartet, so-called because of its intensely chromatic slow introduction.
  6. There is hardly any dissonance on this album.
  7. The dissonance between the act of firing someone and the manager's beliefs about what is acceptable or decent behaviour from one individual to another can be extremely painful.
  8. Cognitive dissonance arises when two or more cognitions (behaviours, attitudes, thoughts, opinions, feelings) are inconsistent.
  9. A metaphysics stressing the invariance of divine ideas created dissonance where it had once created harmony.
  10. To some extent, a post-White Paper NHS offers scope to reduce a managers dissonance.
  11. For the fired person the act of dismissal can create even greater and more painful dissonance.
  12. Irrespective of the style of the piece, all music creates tension and release (dissonance and consonance) which brings on different emotions in its audience.
  13. One is the noise/horror interface, in which violent imagery and musical dissonance are applied concussively, inducing a shell-shocked state of catatonia.

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