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Перевод: distributor speek distributor

агент по продаже; гудронатор ; распределитель зажигания; распределитель


  1. Check also that the vacuum advance unit is working on the distributor (with the distributor cap off suck on the small pipe from the carb and watch for movement on the base plate where the points are fitted)
  2. The roll-up fund, Old Court International Reserves Ltd, and the distributor fund, Old Court Currency Fund Ltd, each offer wholesale rates of interest in 18 individual classes of currency - Australian dollars, Belgian francs, Canadian dollars, Danish kroner, Deutschmarks, Dutch guilders, Ecus, French francs, Hong Kong dollars, Italian lire, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollars, Singapore dollars, Spanish pesetas, sterling, Swedish kronar, Swiss francs and US dollars.
  3. So Xionics does not get involved in selling its computer network, which it calls Xinet; instead it has handed responsibility for this to a distributor.
  4. Specialist diving equipment distributor, Sea Sea, has produced a purpose designed first aid box for divers and other water users.
  5. 3.1 The Distributor agrees that it will not during the period of this Agreement and after termination (for whatever reason) seek to register in the Territory or anywhere in the world the Trade Mark "Oxford" or any other trade mark or trade name being used and owned by the Publisher
  6. In newer areas one would expect main roads to form boundaries, yet residential areas in the past were often arranged around the town centre along major roads, so that in older areas a distributor with shops on either side may even form the centre of a residential district.
  7. It's designed, apparently, by the German distributor of Saga instruments, and by the look of it he's a real acoustic freak with some pretty tasty ideas.
  8. BOLTON-BASED building products distributor Cooper Clarke returned to the black with a 126,000 profit in the eight months to end-December, compared with a 274,000 loss in the previous year to end-April.
  9. Douglas Kane Ltd, distributor of the famous OBO range of home improvement products, is inviting you to send in details of your worst d-i-y disaster.
  10. Distributor and software company income 18.99
  11. UK distributor Allcord Approx retail: 25.50
  12. If you accept the terms of this Agreement, please complete and sign the enclosed REGISTRATION CARD and return it to your local distributor (particulars see below).

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