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Перевод: ditty speek ditty

песенка ; короткая песенка


  1. The trite, emotive phrases kept going round in her head like a music-hall ditty.
  2. This old ballad contains lines that may have inspired a blue-grass ditty of the Kentucky mountains, "Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms".
  3. There the thinking at Princeton contradicted the thinking at Harvard where Tom Lehrer, the sardonic mathematics lecturer, put the point in a hectically hopeful ditty:.
  4. The sleeve of this precious little ditty depicted an impassioned Morrissey (is there any other kind?) gazing upwards into an apparently divine light, no doubt praying for greater record sales.
  5. Francie Brady is The Butcher Boy of Patrick McCabe's remarkable second novel (Picador 14.99), a child whose enquiring, ironical cast of mind and dire, small town Irish background (his father has done his mother wrong, and she in turn is obsessed with the gloomy ditty from which the novel takes its title) make him a fancied candidate for an early place in the reform school or the graveyard.
  6. JUST a little ditty penned by beer poet laureate Rex Tyler, a prolific rhymster with an entire anthology of odes for all the 70 bottled beers sold in his extraordinary store.
  7. I was listening to the two in the back working their way through a typical RAF ditty with the repetitive chorus of, "There's only one bar - BOO!
  8. This time when he raised his hands they were quiet at once, no doubt expecting another ditty, but instead, Bobby took his chance.
  9. For instance, the section on nitrogen metabolism is prefaced by that famous anonymous ditty which starts How inoffensive are the faeces Of all the graminivorous species, That grind on grain and graze on grasses.
  10. The West Yorkshire-based fanzine, Tongue In Cheek , deemed the A-side ("These Stones") to be: "A bouncy, powerful, entertaining ditty with a high-energy chorus."
  11. He made "Poor Peru/what Scotland's going/to do to you" probably the most regretted ditty ever penned, as the goal proved to be the most stunning beginning of the end.
  12. As we progressed we beat away then Beachie gave three quick beats on his drum, the noise stopped - and we sang the ditty: -
  13. Lewis spent Christmas Day 1931 transcribing this ditty for Warnie, who had returned for his last spell of service in Shanghai.

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