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Перевод: dj speek dj

диск-жокей ; диджей


  1. She is now based permanently in the US, and is a member of two prestigious posses: The Native Tongues, consisting of the Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Queen Latifah and A Tribe Called Qwest; and DJ Mark "the 45" King's Flavor Unit.
  3. Weeks later, half were downstairs for the more tuneful brew mixed up by various members of the Flying DJ family.
  4. The record's jazz stylings have already attracted the attention of DJ Gilles Peterson at London's Jazz FM, who has been playing it on tape for some time.
  5. Tim Nice But Dim, the upper-crust simpleton, returns to canvass for the election and the DJs are joined by real-life DJ Alan "Fluff" Freeman (he got his nickname from wearing a fluffy jumper).
  6. They renamed it "DJ's Hotel" and embarked on an ambitious plan which would involve the ebullient and talkative Johnstone acting as mine host.
  7. ERICK: "I must have been about 18 and he was a DJ in a local nightclub.
  8. send your record to every DJ and radio producer in the country who you think might give it a play, and follow up your mail-out with a phone call.
  9. "They're Bebe's kids!" adds Hurricane, who has served time as the Beastie Boys' DJ.
  10. Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana and Elvis's original singers, The Jordanaires, teamed up for a unique tribute visit to the UK, originally to have been fronted by fellow Sun stablemate, Carl Perkins.
  11. DJ here can tell you that he's travelled all these years and he says he's run into my guitars all over the world!"
  12. DJ Simon Wedgewood coaxed six student couples from Cardiff University under the spotlight and, in a variation of Blind Man's Bluff, persuaded the men to take off their shirts which were put in a heap on the dancefloor.
  13. This month sees the arrival of the much-anticipated Mo Wax label from DJ James Lavelle, with graphics and packaging by ex-FACE and Arena designer Ian Swift, the man behind Talkin Loud's distinctive imagery.

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