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Перевод: drumbeat speek drumbeat

барабанный бой; мгновенье


  1. Your constant drumbeat for a value-added tax in the United States (April 24th) demonstrates a profound lack of understanding of the nature of America's government.
  2. This is a real duff cash-in on the Megamix of yore, with THAT drumbeat added to "Grease Is The Word" and the soppy "Hopelessly Devoted" segued in for variety.
  3. The sound from next door had risen to a mechanical drumbeat, like a pneumatic drill hammering away, it was him, banging and banging away at Jenny, she could almost hear the girl's screams.
  4. The protest is by Hong Kong's Foo2 against Cyclone and Great News, second and third yesterday behind the 83ft Drumbeat which claimed her third handicap win of the series by 3 min.
  5. Amplified by the vitrodur soundboards of the city, the crackle of fire and drumbeat of explosions rolled closer - impelling a flux of refugees to eddy towards the troopers and the seeming sanctuary of the palace region beyond.
  6. The first Mr Bond knew of the successful move by the National Australia Bank to put his brewery businesses into receivership, was through a radio news bulletin aboard his A3.5million maxi-yacht, Drumbeat.
  7. ALAN BOND has steered his 83ft maxi-rater Drumbeat to line honours in the Sydney-Hobart Race.
  8. Mercifully Walter and Marianne soon exhaust their mutual stock of Arabic and, in the silence that follows, we all become aware of a faint constant drumbeat in the medina.
  9. An unknown drumbeat from a passing car here, a familiar chorus leaking from a shop doorway there, a snatch of drunken balladry roared from a pub window, indecipherable quiet noises in public places.
  10. The Drumbeat Club makes for an excellent evening on shore in Nassau when you can experience authentic Bahamian music in a venue frequented by as many locals as tourists.
  11. For a start, Matthew had not slept well, lying awake in his bed with what seemed like every pulse in his body hammering away with the insistence of a drumbeat.
  12. Champions who have been made up in Jamaica give some insight into the breed's development: Chesara Dark Warrior of Copeland, owned by Clyde Fisher; Chesara Lady Macbeth of Copeland, again owned by Clyde Fisher; Attilla Brunhild of Natra, owned by E. Mignott; Chesara Dark Conspirator, owned by D. Walcott; Tasika Angus, owned by D. Judah; Lacie of Copeland, owned by T. Dunn; Carbeth-S Black Concha, owned by W. Evering; Paraiso's Black Caesar, owned by Clyde Fisher; Paraiso's Black Jack, owned by Mr and Mrs M. Fox; Sundance Poirot Northwind, owned by Winston Tucker; Sundance Genevive Hellraiser, owned by Winston Tucker; Sundance Loyal Duchess, owned by Winston Tucker; Maowm Monty of Kemour, owned by Owen Munroe; Sundance Doctor Bojangles of Phillsburgh, owned by Mrs Andrea Phillips; Sundance Baroness, owned by Winston Tucker; Sundance Black Charisma, owned by Mrs C. K. Galma-Tucker; Sundance Ballet Princess of Phillsburgh, owned by Peter Phillips; and Kempshots Drumbeat, owned by Meg Phillips.
  13. Alan Bond's Drumbeat led the fleet home, finishing almost 45 minutes ahead of Juno IV but was placed fifth on corrected time.

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