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Перевод: ecclesiastic speek ecclesiastic

духовный; церковный;
духовное лицо; священнослужитель


  1. "Even assuming a genuine ecclesiastic use of the chapel following demolition of the remainder, it cannot be said the church as such is still in ecclesiastical use or would be but for the works."
  2. MSS 4279, 4458; Annals of Science , vol. viii, pp. 13-;27; Theologian and Ecclesiastic , vol. vi, 1848, pp. 161-;73, F. Tnnies, Studien , ed.
  3. Now the Chancellor is at this time usually an ecclesiastic, commonly a bishop, and, as such, interested in, and, at least in his own opinion, a good judge of questions of morality or "conscience".
  4. Another way of making the same point about the superior and the inferior societies of France and Scotland came from the pen of the French ecclesiastic Estienne Perlin, who visited England and Scotland in 1551-;2.
  5. De Monte was a quiet, pious man who excelled in the madrigale spirituale which he also produced in great quantity, a celibate who never forgot he was an ecclesiastic; Wert's temperament was very different.
  6. The only witnesses had been Sarah's stepmother, and an ecclesiastic colleague who envied him his good fortune.
  7. That the Commission for erecting the late Courte of Commissioners for Ecclesiastic all Causes and all other Commissions and Courts of like nature are illegall and pernicious.
  8. Nor is his picture of the clergy a particularly spiritual one: those who pray and those who work are never mentioned, but the cleric who was also a warrior has his place, and after Roland perhaps the most heroic figure of all is the leading ecclesiastic of France, the archbishop of Rheims.
  9. Although Larsen more often than not returned ecclesiastic items to hallowed ground, he kept some pieces in the museum to demonstrate the shared aesthetic dimension of the past.
  10. Embroiderer and writer Beryl Dean will be speaking on Present Day Ecclesiastic Embroidery.
  11. Possessing no ecclesiastic franchise, they expiate their grief by posting an In Memoriam notice.
  12. If he is doing what is against conscience, he is injuring his soul - remember that the Chancellor is an ecclesiastic - and it is better that he should be prevented from inflicting such injury on himself.
  13. The meeting was attended by the principal barons, both lay and ecclesiastic, of the kingdom.

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