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Перевод: ecclesiastical speek ecclesiastical

духовный; церковный


  1. What aspects of our ecclesiastical tradition facilitate and what create a barrier to our communication attempts?
  2. A proliferation of hermits tends to occur when Christian society perceives a gap between ecclesiastical and spiritual power.
  3. But the garments modern Christians think of as Western ecclesiastical vestments developed from the "Sunday best" of late Roman aristocrats, which the clergy (always the guardians of the old tradition) continued to wear after their barbarian congregations had put on trousers or Lederhosen.
  4. Ecclesiastical history The Borthwick Institute (University of York) was established in 1953 and specialises in the study of ecclesiastical history - particularly the administrative and legal history of ecclesiastical institutions.
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  6. Dr Oddie, an Anglican priest who shares Dr Bennett's views, accuses Dr Runcie of being "an ecclesiastical chameleon".
  7. The need was to reconcile the "ecclesiastical" and the "congregational" elements, and while he insisted that "Nonconformist churches must, beyond all question, be built to see and hear in" he had nothing good to say about the vast preaching halls, such as the Metropolitan Tabernacle, with a bit of tracery and the proportions of a barn.
  8. Trotsky went so far as to call the agreement "an ecclesiastical NEP", implying a similar tolerance to that meted out to " kulaks " or to Nepmen, but this was a superficial and short-sighted judgement redolent with propaganda.
  9. There were as many Probate Courts as there were dioceses, in addition to the Prerogative Courts of the two Archbishops, and a number of courts in places called Peculiars, places outside a bishop's jurisdiction, and under a special ecclesiastical jurisdiction of their own.
  10. The decline of religion and the growth of the scientific world-view have meant that "Both the natural sciences and the social sciences have succeeded in gaining a proper autonomy from ecclesiastical control."
  11. It liked the fact that the chef there, Jean-Yves Gueho, was actually French - as opposed to Swiss, German or Chinese; and that the long dining room, decorated with glass cupolas, achieved an ecclesiastical dignity.
  12. Aufvald may be Eadbald, King of Kent 616-;40, but whether or not this is the case, the coins point to both a royal and ecclesiastical responsibility for their production.
  13. As soon as our focus of attention moves from Christ to the Church we move towards ecclesiastical deification and our evangelism is in great danger of degenerating into proselytism.

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