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Перевод: echoing speek echoing



  1. They set off briskly, boots echoing hollowly from the paving-stones.
  2. In doing so, he was merely echoing the views of Dr Phl who, although proudly "independent" of the Bonn government, conducted all the German government's negotiations over EMU throughout 1989 and 1990.
  3. She raises her eyes to the wonder of its beauty, sometimes tilting her head as if listening to the music echoing round her.
  4. Lachlan slapped the table, his booming laugh echoing in the rafters.
  5. They scry and cry, wailing out their prophecies into the echoing dark where the rootless scurry and hide, but none of them can see Zambia Crevecoeur.
  6. It was about this time that Endill began hearing footsteps echoing around the corridors of Nightside.
  7. Time and again the images have a distilled beauty: the simple two-shot before the battle in which Krishna explains to the warrior Arjuna that "Victory and defeat, pleasure and pain are all the same", the sight of the nagaswaram (the shawm-like musical instruments) echoing their peals to the skies, Karna's golden lance speeding through the air on its momentous flight to pierce the green-bellied Ghatotkatcha.
  8. When left to his own devices, Jonathon inclines towards Italian clothes because of their style (echoing the Fifties), their cut and their colour.
  9. "That," she said, her voice echoing with the cries of oystercatchers and lapwings over remote beaches where seals rolled and basked inshore, "That is one of the most beautiful films ever made."
  10. Time will tell whether Swansea's grim win at an echoing Twickenham was an omen that the international in February will be fought out in the Cardiff fashion of last year or whether it was just these 80 minutes which had the mark of the beast upon them.
  11. There was not a soul to be seen, and apart from a hammering noise echoing from somewhere distant, and an occasional coughing in a room to the back of the house, there is still no sound to be heard.
  12. "In the event of such a development does she think her position would be unassailable?" he asked - echoing the Prime Minister's earlier comment that Mr Lawson's position was "unassailable".
  13. But, particularly since Tiananmen, it has been echoing the argument that people would be less concerned to leave Hong Kong before 1997 if they could be absolutely confident that other countries would accept them after that date.

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