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Перевод: eclair speek eclair



  1. She chose a chocolate eclair and a dairy cream sponge with strawberries and kiwi fruit.
  2. Can't you eat eclair ones?
  3. I drank my tea, and attacked another chocolate eclair.
  4. I felt like I'd been kicked by a camel but I still needed food, so I polished off the eclair, belched with all the decorum I could, and started eyeing up a Danish pastry.
  5. We had Eclair and the instructions were in English apart from the opening remarks about opening doors and so on.
  6. Jenny Eclair
  7. The project is part funded by the EEC under the ECLAIR initiative.
  8. Some of the Eclair exercises were faulty in the sense that the tape support was superfluous to the children who had done it already.
  9. Thank you, chocolate eclair.
  10. Well, apple tart, but you know, things we bring in, apple tarts erm, custard slices, a the occasional eclair erm, yeah, we do quite a range, actually.

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