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Перевод: eclecticism speek eclecticism

эклектизм ; эклектика


  1. The final stages of creative eclecticism and the power of the office-block station marked the end of the elaborate experimentation with revivalist styles.
  2. There was a self-conscious rejection of the Victorians' lavish ornamentalism and revivalist eclecticism.
  3. He was impressed by the variety, originality and eclecticism of Nonconformist architecture: "The grateful lesson, which, as the preceding discussion obviously shows, English Nonconformist architecture has given architects, serves as a means of liberation which, from the architectural point of view, deserves a thorough consideration."
  4. Wild eclecticism has been the hallmark of Boyd's 30-year career as record producer, failed film mogul and quixotic entrepreneur.
  5. Eclecticism had escaped from the control of the revivalists into its more creative synthetic phase.
  6. Some, however, have found the so-called "Beaux-Arts" style, for all its academic rigour and perfection of proportion to be too correct, bloodless, and buttoned-up when set against the free-flowing eclecticism of some other contemporary stations.
  7. Notwithstanding this, the BBC also hopes that older viewers who have had their powers of endurance tested once too often by The Late Show's cold-blooded eclecticism, may welcome an audience-friendly arts magazine.
  8. It was this aspect of Leavisism that Oxford English, with its broad though often flaccid eclecticism, was most opposed to.
  9. He turned not to the developing rage for eclecticism, but to the French Renaissance style of the Second Empire.
  10. Eclecticism rules these days, and traditional patterns may be thrown together with all the flair for ill-assortment of current Top-Shop fashions.
  11. The Romanesque was taken over in the last two decades of the nineteenth century, when American railway-station building reached its apogee in masterpieces of creative eclecticism.
  12. Stylistically the railway station was the epitome of the aesthetic doctrine of picturesque eclecticism.
  13. The wave of interest in the rediscovery of Celtic music is particularly important, and not merely because of the Celtic-Scottish influence on Leonard's family (an aspect that the Montreal Gazette highlighted regarding Lyon Cohen's Gaelic accent recently) and American eclecticism - often little more than a slavish following of European forms - which found itself in the development of "pop" music, notably of ragtime around 1900 and jazz around 1918.

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