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Перевод: eclipse speek eclipse

затмение; потускнение; утрата былого блеска; утрата прежней роли; упадок ;
затемнять; заслонять


  1. But with a total eclipse in your sign on the 9th you may have pressing matters to attend to.
  2. Thanks to Halley's efforts valuable observations of this kind were made at both the northern and southern edges of the path of the eclipse in 1715.
  3. In it he refers to the lunar eclipse of 30 October 1091 that he happened to observe in Italy.
  4. As for Europe, the Liberal Democrats explicitly espouse a federal system and the consequent eclipse of the British nation, while Labour is committed to handing over control of our currency to the EC.
  5. The 9th's lunar eclipse spans the areas of professional and personal goals on the one hand and your base in life on the other.
  6. After the death of the "Butcher" Duke on 31 October 1765, the stud was sold and the yearling Eclipse was bought by a Leadenhall merchant and grazier, one Wildman, for 75 guineas.
  7. In the second, Pranger's The Eclipse of Citizenship (1968) and Walzer's impressive Obligations: Essays on Disobedience, War and Citizenship (1970) come to mind.
  8. Williams eclipse Senna
  9. O'Kelly died in 1787, and Eclipse died of a "violent colic" 14 months later, at 7 pm on 27 February 1789.
  10. The duration of totality at each observing site provides an important clue to the size of the Moon's shadow on the Earth, and thereby to the size of the Sun at the time of the eclipse.
  11. The only certainty is that the eclipse of the pollsters, and - by implication - all of us in the media who focus so much attention upon their findings, is a happy outcome for democracy.
  12. Eclipse's first race was a Fifty Guinea Plate at Epsom in May 1769.
  13. Puzzled by this, he was careful later to record the time as precisely as he could when, unexpectedly, on 18 October of the following year the moon underwent another eclipse:

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