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  1. The wobbling but persistent angle between earth's axis and ecliptic (Figure 1.2) has ensured that, though not always icy, polar regions have always been strongly seasonal.
  2. It therefore represents the path of the sun around the ecliptic and indicates the connection between Mithra and the Iranian god of time, Zurvan.
  3. The original Strasbourg clock probably contained, besides moving figures, an annual-calendar dial, and possibly a lunar dial and an astrolabe, but the instrument designed by Giovanni de' Dondi incorporated a perpetual calendar for all religious feasts, both fixed and movable, and also indicated the celestial motions of the sun, moon, and planets, including even the motions of the nodes of the moon's orbit, which take over eighteen years to make a complete revolution around the ecliptic.
  4. Aries is always classed as the first constellation of the Zodiac, though by now the First Point of Aries (the position where the ecliptic cuts the equator) has shifted into the adjacent constellation of Pisces.
  5. MLT is defined in terms of the point where the field line would cut the ecliptic plane and the angle that point subtends with the Sun at the Earth's centre.
  6. Rodrigo de Triano's defeat was the only disappointment in an otherwise memorable day for owner Robert Sangster, who landed an 899-;1 hat-trick in the last three races with Lost Reputation, River Defences - his Derby contender - and well-fancied Ecliptic, backed from 33-;1 in the morning to 9-;1.
  7. On this plate was depicted a map of the heavens, and holes along the line of the ecliptic made it possible for a representation of the sun to be moved at intervals of a day or two in imitation of its annual motion.

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