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Перевод: economically speek economically

экономно; бережливо; практично; экономически; с точки зрения экономики


  1. Only two developments are worthy of note, both of which serve to substantiate further the notion of the institution as formalizing and legitimizing property arrangements: first, the gradual recognition of the right to end the relationship (with greater ease as social mobility increases and old class structures requiring protection of their pedigree collapse) on the condition that the more vulnerable party economically be protected; and the corollary idea that, given the possibility of separation and divorce, while the relationship subsists, certain mutual rights of support exist for the partners.
  2. In the latter case, two ancient Christian principalities, Georgia and Armenia, had claims to distinct national identities, along with a Muslim and Shi-ite people in Azerbaijan (which contained the economically vital oil city of Baku).
  3. France's economically exploitable oil, gas, and coal reserves are small.
  4. Apart from Nigel Lawson, Nicholas Ridley, Cecil Parkinson, and Sir Geoffrey Howe, it was difficult to think of other Cabinet ministers who would be regarded as economically "dry" or ideologically "Thatcherite", and both Lawson and Sir Geoffrey had well-publicized differences of opinion with Mrs Thatcher.
  5. When considering agreements between multinationals with worldwide interests, account can be taken of their relationships outside the EC so that an economically as well as legally correct assessment can be made.
  6. Since the Brownings' present had paid the year's rent and since she had managed the household so economically there was an actual income, growing monthly, from the boarders, upon which they could live.
  7. This achieved little, as it asked countries only to try "so far as possible" to limit and "gradually reduce and prevent air pollution using the "best available technology which is economically feasible".
  8. If the more economically puny ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and the Philippines) were to bury their reservations, then the high growth from other partners, including such tigers as Thailand and South Korea alongside the more mature economies of Japan and Australia, could mean a dynamic coalition.
  9. The initial agreement was a statement of principle rather than a binding promise, whereby it was agreed that countries should make every effort to "use the best available technology that is economically feasible" to limit air pollution.
  10. Be that as it may, chancroid is diagnosed and treated with frequency in endemic areas where it has been described as a disease of the socially unenlightened and the economically unfortunate.
  11. States that are exploring a tough policy which borders upon coercion like Kenya will either find that open political protest will challenge the power of the state, or that like family planning in India, an onslaught upon the least economically and politically powerful is only temporarily feasible.
  12. It may therefore become economically and politically expedient to encourage a shift to more labour intensive methods of primary production.
  13. In the days of classical agriculture, breeders and stud farmers tricked and cajoled the best features out of many species, focusing on the most economically viable lines for cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.

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