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Перевод: economics speek economics

экономика ; народное хозяйство; экономическая наука; политическая экономия


  1. According to the Board's economics expert, Frank Jenkin, if the nuclear industry operated under the minimum rate of return on capital expected in the private sector (8 per cent), Hinkley C would be "clearly less economic" than coal.
  2. ECONOMICS is a subject which no two people can agree on, particularly Economists.
  3. Indeed David Newbery, of the department of applied economics at Cambridge University, argues* that the costs of accidents may be as large as all the other costs that vehicles inflict on society taken together.
  4. The consensus has it that economics will be the key stick with which the CEGB's opponents, and perhaps even a few of its friends, will beat the board.
  5. Three subjects were taken at A level and they were usually taken as packages of closely related studies: physics, chemistry, and mathematics; French, German, and English; history, geography, and economics.
  6. By Larry Elliott Economics Correspondent
  7. Presentations will concentrate on growing, harvesting, storage and feeding as well as the economics of the crop as a bulk feed, concentrate substitute and profit-improver.
  8. Before leaving, Mr Yavlinsky contacted Yevgeny Primakov, the member of Mikhail Gorbachev's national security council responsible for economics.
  9. The development of Docklands is anything but laissez-faire economics.
  10. "I think it's a moral issue as well as an issue of economics.
  11. Library licence, and the book trade economics
  12. Evaluation of the cost effectiveness of drug treatment is in its infancy, and health economics can inform the debate.
  13. But he does not adopt this alternative, and his criticism of needs is in fact part of a much more fundamental attack on classical economics.

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