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  1. Similarly, with our world ecosystem.
  2. Further losses from the ecosystem occur as crops and/or animals are harvested and exported; and such cumulative losses, unless they are compensated for with artificial fertilisers, often lead to farm abandonment.
  3. This system, in tandem with additional planting of species like peanuts ( Arachis hypogaea ) at the end of the cropping cycle and the protection of useful species by controlling forest regrowth (by limited slashing) in the later stages of the fallow cycle, creates a diverse ecosystem which contains patches of useful species as well as natural forest regrowth.
  4. Their varied fruit diet highlights the orang-utan's crucial role in rainforest perpetuation, and the prime need to protect this ecosystem to conserve all its inhabitants.
  5. As in any stable, mature ecosystem, losses via the death of organisms, in this case trees, will be balanced by new growth.
  6. "It goes against all common sense to take the most fundamental element of ecosystem, with the land and habitats it supports, and sell it off for profit, as the Tories are trying to do," he said.
  7. But some anglers fear that the carp may damage the aquatic ecosystem which supports their fishing.
  8. The collapse of marine mammal and sea-bird populations may have far-reaching consequences as the complex pattern of interrelationships among creatures in the marine ecosystem changes.
  9. I he rainforest is a self-supporting ecosystem with an abundance of trees and vegetation.
  10. It would be more effective to involve people by education, by making them part of the system so that they gain from helping, to give them a vested interest in maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem and the wildlife around them - very much cheaper than a law force, WWF and CITES secretariats.
  11. The fundamental focus of value, according to these thinkers, is the whole, not the part - the ecosystem, not the individuals who comprise it.
  12. Thus recovery of the ecosystem is slow.
  13. Most threatening of these for the marine ecosystem is the exposure to increased ultra-violet radiation through the depletion of the ozone layer.

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