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  1. The European Federation of Stock Exchanges is currently working on a project called Eurolist, which aims to have the biggest companies (those with market capitalisation of over Ecu 1bn and annual market turnover of Ecu 250m annually) listed on a minimum of six European stock exchanges.
  2. The shield is behind the name of the Ecu that the Brussels Eurocrats want to force us all to use.
  3. Giscard d'Estaing called the hard ecu a "positive contribution" after a meeting with John Major as Chancellor.
  4. THE TEXT of the Maastricht Treaty, which finally went on sale at Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) in London last month, has been withdrawn, apparently because of a row over the spelling of "ecu", the European currency unit.
  5. The ecu link may provide a firmer anchor for inflationary expectations.
  6. The ecu link is a first step towards membership of the ERM.
  7. For those still baffled, ECU is the European Currency Unit, ERM is the Exchange Rate Mechanism and Maastricht is the Dutch town where a unity deal was agreed.
  8. It concluded that there were grounds under EC rules on state aids to exempt Lisbon's decision to contribute 30 per cent toward the ECU 564.5m restructuring of EPSI.
  9. the worldwide turnover of all the undertakings together exceeds 5,000 million ecu (roughly 3500 million); and
  10. this threshold for worldwide turnover is to be reviewed by the Council before 21 December 1993 and the Commission has stated its view that it should be reduced to 2,000 million ecu (roughly 1400 million).
  11. This they did at an Intergovernmental Conference in 1837 when Hessen, defensive of its national sovereignty, suggested a parallel currency rather like the hard ecu.
  12. The best known include John Charcol which has Kleinwort Benson, the merchant bank, as its loan provider, and PG Associates, part of the London Manchester Group, which offers Ecu loans.
  13. The chap there said, "I really shouldn't tell you this, but there has been a political dispute over the spelling of ecu."

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