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Перевод: ejaculate speek ejaculate

восклицать; выбрасывать; эякулировать; кончить [сл.]; спускать [сл.]


  1. There are an estimated 300 million sperms in each ejaculate, of which, of course, only one will eventually fertilize the ovum of the female.
  2. In male sterilisation, or vasectomy, the tubes (the vas deferens) through which sperm travel from the testes to the penis, are cut or blocked so that sperm can no longer enter the ejaculate (the fluid released when a man reaches climax).
  3. Just before it joins the urethra, the vas sprouts a small sac, the seminal vesicle , once thought to be a store for spermatozoa but now believed to be simply another gland which adds its secretion to the ejaculate.
  4. If fluid from the prostate and a specimen of the ejaculate are also examined, however, the diagnosis rate increases markedly, and over 70 per cent of male contacts were shown to be harbouring the organism in one series where these exhaustive tests were carried out.
  5. At the same time the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, and other glands contribute their secretions to the ejaculate.
  6. The urethra is the pipe through which the urine or ejaculate passes.
  7. Most men take less than six minutes from the time of entry to the time they ejaculate.
  8. Her reproductive role at this stage is simply to receive the male ejaculate containing the sperms, and to this end, during the period of sexual excitement before intercourse, various glands secrete mucus to aid lubrication and facilitate the insertion of the erect penis into the vagina.
  9. During intercourse, the man withdraws his penis from the vagina when he feels he's about to ejaculate.
  10. The infection can involve the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles and this may produce urgency of micturition or haematospermia (the finding of blood in the ejaculate).
  11. There are several glands associated with the urethra, which (like the seminal vesicles) produce secretions that, added to the spermatozoa , make up the ejaculate.
  12. It is important to use contraceptive precautions until two consecutive tests show there are no sperm left in the ejaculate
  13. Other smaller glands contribute mucous secretions to the ejaculate, and, like the prostate, may be involved in infection.

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