e ea eb ec ed ee ef eg eh ei ej ek el em en eo ep eq er es et eu ev ew ex ey

Перевод: eject speek eject

выбрасывать; извергать; выгонять; изгонять; увольнять; выселять; выпускать; катапультировать


  1. In fact, we have watched the fish take tadpoles into their mouths, then swiftly eject them.
  2. WHEN THE pilot of the stricken US fighter plane pulled the handle to eject from his EF-111 on Thursday, he was acknowledging the inevitable; there was nothing more he could do to save his 10 million "Raven" from crashing, only save the life of his navigator and himself.
  3. Paul's opponents found it easier to agree in synod on his unworthiness for office than to eject him from the episcopal residence.
  4. But the opposition parties demanded their return, and the king had to promise that they would not be used except defensively, not even to eject Iraq from Kuwait.
  5. The waiting patients pricked their ears and tried not to smile and then the surgery door would burst open and eject a little old lady, pink with pleasure!
  6. The commander of the Western Front virtually ordered the Smolgubispolkom to eject school number 9 out of what was now a Volga orphans' home run by a "revolutionary military committee".
  7. He could eject this by jerking his head upwards, and then catch it again in the socket.
  8. When officials tried to eject him, Mr Gollnisch tried to punch his neighbours.
  9. They refused to leave on request and attempts to eject them failed on account of the sudden arrival of reinforcements from the local station.
  10. The only way to avoid Israeli attack was to eject the Palestinians from their villages.
  11. This was a small operating system patch by the name of MacPuke, which made the innocuous little beige box belch in a particularly corpulent, beer-sodden way when the operating system decided to eject a floppy disc from the drive.
  12. Then, when the slide is wound back fully, the bush will eject the centre, Jacobs chuck or whatever Morse taper device is fitted.
  13. Magnificent as it is, Somerset House was designed not as an arts centre, of course, but as offices for the civil servants whom Mr Heseltine now proposes to eject.

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