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Перевод: ejection speek ejection

выбрасывание; катапультирование; выброска ; извержение; выброс (пламени) ; выброшенная масса; изверженная масса; лава ; изгнание; увольнение; выселение


  1. Three key dimensions are recognized as specific to runaways: age; absence of permission to leave or covert or forcible ejection; length of time since leaving.
  2. It is likely that Li Peng, the prime minister, still tastes the personal gall of 1m people in Hong Kong taking to the streets after Tiananmen to call for his ejection from office.
  3. The cuckoo's ejection behaviour was first described in detail by Sir Edward Jenner, the inventor of vaccination, in 1788.
  4. In other harem-forming species the takeover by another male or males is commonly followed by either the killing or complete ejection of the old owner and by the slaughter of babies and infants (Hrdy 1974).
  5. But a fiery sermon by a Muslim cleric, who demanded the ejection from Libya of all diplomats from countries supporting the sanctions, was carried on state television on Friday.
  6. However, the mother does not leave the young cuckoo without instinctive resources, for the newly hatched chick demonstrates what is perhaps the most remarkable of all the numerous and varied adaptations of the cuckoo - the ruthless ejection of the host's eggs or nestlings from the nest.
  7. Ken Livingstone's ejection from the executive was merely the most public manifestation of a profound shift in Labour's internal ecology.
  8. No ejection seats reduced its risk and cost, and meant less to go wrong, while is being self-contained, needing neither ground air supply nor electrics, made it more flexible than higher-performance types.
  9. The European cuckoo's strange behaviour was noted as long ago as 300 BC by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who also recorded the young cuckoo's ejection of the host bird's eggs from the nest.
  10. Despite a failure of the airbag system that should have damped-out much of the impact of White's capsule, White survived the ejection, suffering terrible injuries to his arm in the clamshell mechanism.
  11. Following his ejection from Kidderminster, the Bishop, the deans and many of the curates had preached long and bitter sermons against Richard Baxter to alienate the people from him.
  12. Argentinian aircraft also use Martin Baker ejection seats, Dunlop parts and tyres, Smiths Industries instruments.
  13. The cockpit is then propelled by a large rocket and almost immediately stabilised by a small drogue, or parachute, which then pulls out the main chute, said Mr Brian Miller, of Martin Baker, the leading name in ejection seat invention and manufacture.

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