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Перевод: ejector speek ejector

эжектор ; струйный насос; выталкиватель ; выбрасыватель ; отражатель [воен.]


  1. PERHAPS foreshadowing a few desperate reactions this morning life-jacket, parachute and ejector seat specialist Wardle Storeys rose 12 to 376p.
  2. To make the comparison fair, we should have to assume that built into each typist's chair is a gun, wired up so that if he makes a mistake he is summarily shot, his place being taken by a reserve typist (squeamish readers may prefer to imagine a spring-loaded ejector seat gently catapulting miscreant typists out of the line, but the gun gives a more realistic picture of natural selection).
  3. The EF-111 uses a General Dynamics ejector system that blows the entire cockpit away from the airframe.
  4. They could be more lightly dressed than those using a conventional ejector seat, who have to wear more safety equipment.
  5. "You use the ejector when there is no alternative; when you reckon there is no way of controlling your aircraft and you know you are going to crash."
  6. The pilot was saved by his ejector seat and by smashing through a greenhouse full of tomato plants.
  7. Winner Centre Ejector To avoid the necessity of using a drift to eject the revolving centre from a tailstock, fit a bush of hardwood or metal between the body of the tailstock and the back of the revolving centre.
  8. On these occasions I would be awakened at night by a gurgling sucking noise reminiscent of a saliva ejector of gargantuan size.

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