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Перевод: eye speek eye

глаз ; око; взгляд ; взор ; взгляды ; зрение; центр тропического циклона; рисунок в форме глаза; глазок ; ушко иголки; ухо; петелька ; сыщик ; детектив ; экран телевизора; проушина ; устье шахты;
пристально разглядывать; смотреть; наблюдать; рассматривать


  1. The window actually overlooked the top of the yard where the lavatories and the coalhouses were situated, and it was the white material fluttering from the end of the coalhouse that attracted his eye.
  2. America is fated by politics and economics at home to find willing backers abroad for its plans; it is doomed by continuing Soviet military might to have an eye always on Moscow.
  3. Parul, an eye specialist, is better qualified than her husband.
  4. The Government's health record provoked one of the largest backbench rebellions during the last session of Parliament, with the Government's majority cut to eight over eye charges.
  5. At the sound of the preacher's voice he twitched, wiped one eye with the back of his hand, and looked up, moistening his lips.
  6. I found myself, by a curious alchemy of eye and ear, wondering at things in Don Quixote and Brahms's Second Symphony that I had neither noticed nor pondered before.
  7. "Well, I told them that," Francis Morgan said irritably and his wife and daughter caught each other's eye in silent agreement that he hadn't told them that Angela was refusing point-black to be married from home and was insisting on the full London set-out, reception at the House of Commons, replying unanswerably when he had objected on grounds of expense that she could well afford to pay for it herself.
  8. "In these sculptures I tried to make an eye.
  9. They would include: opportunities for students to see or experience equipment or processes which are not on offer within the institution; the chance for a student to sample a possible future job or career; the opportunity to learn something (not much) of the lives led in employment by their neighbours, their parents or their peer-group, so that they may grow up more understanding and more tolerant (this rather pious hope may in fact be quite unjustified, they may have confirmed or developed disdain or envy for others); a good student may catch the eye of an employer looking for a later recruit; absence may lend enchantment to the view of the college and the students may return from work-experience reassured about their choice of education; students may be motivated to work hard at college by the prospect of either securing a job like the one they have seen or tried, or by the determination to avoid a similar fate; all these outcomes may be little more predictable than the consequences of going to the zoo for a visit.
  10. But anyway, saying to Father that you, who are the apple of his eye, and in whom he considers he's bred a lady, telling him that you hope to marry one of the Feltons, the quay Feltons.
  11. I wanner go up in a pile a smoke an' flames an' eye shadder an' levver shoes an' dancin' an' all that I'll go like them girls in the magazines Sharon an' you ain't goin' ter stop me.
  12. Yet the signs are that industry largely turns a blind eye to what appears to a growing problem
  13. Sarah Bamber, 19, company secretary (left), and Jason Boore, 21, engineer (near left): "I don't think the hair's really me but the eye make-up is very striking.

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