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Перевод: eyelash speek eyelash

ресница ; ресничка


  1. Only use eyelash curlers if your lashes are very straight.
  2. Our comprehensive range of corrective procedures for women and men includes body, breast, face, nose and ear re-shaping, eyelid surgery, Collagen implantation, varicose and thread vein removal, permanent eyelash line enhancement, baldness reversal and a unique non-surgical treatment for the ageing face.
  3. Similarly an eyelash in certain light is a prism and becomes a maypole of rainbow colours.
  4. He was too conventional to use make-up but had no objection to skin-care products, eyelash or hair dye.
  5. Everybody tried to take something - a scrap of clothing, a lock of hair, a false eyelash, a brooch.
  6. And that, Erika thought, was a curious remark for Karl to make, bearing in mind that he had lived a lie for many years but, glancing at her parents, and they not batting an eyelash, she kept quiet.
  7. Boursoufler (to swell, puff up) will take a double ff as in souffler , and dsiller (to open the eyes of, undeceive) becomes dciller to show its link with cil (eyelash).
  8. Other species often found are the eyelash begonia ( B. boweri ), the iron cross begonia ( B. masoniana ), and hybrids like B. "Tiger" and B. "Cleopatra".
  9. Called "hot black", it consisted of a stick of black greasepaint of which a small spoonful was held over a lit candle; when it was melted, blobs of the hot grease would be put on each eyelash with a hairpin.
  11. Use an eyelash comb to separate the lashes."
  12. If Claire had flicked an eyelash at him, Harvey would never have come near them again.
  13. Iain didn't notice her for a while, but eventually it dawned on him that the blur in the corner of his eye wasn't just a blob of grease on his eyelash.

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