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Перевод: eyesore speek eyesore

бельмо на глазу; уродство; что-либо противное; нечто оскорбительное для глаза


  1. Four miles up, past the fallow deer in the grounds of Powder ham Castle, past Lympstone with its red sandstone cliffs, past the eyesore high-rise blocks where Prince Edward rejected his career with the Marines - until we were below Topsham.
  2. Despite extensive plans by the consortium for landscaping, the conservationists claim the dump would turn into an eyesore.
  3. To hide what could be an eyesore, Ken has built a housing around the water butt and bath that has echoes of the tea house without being obviously Japanese.
  4. It certainly made me wonder about climbers who object to bolts on the basis that they're an eyesore.
  5. Apart from that, they can be an eyesore in a display tank.
  6. And so is your bloody great power station an eyesore.
  7. The container also conceals the bottom of the downpipe and its outlet, transforming an eyesore into the perfect place for growing plants.
  8. At the present time, and for some months (if not years) to come, a subterranean roadway is being constructed under the harbour, and the diggings, scaffoldings and shoring incurred by this vast undertaking are a pictorial eyesore.
  9. Offshore wind farms would be more expensive to establish but far less of an eyesore.
  10. Geoff Drake, managing director at Penrhyn, said: "We are aware of our responsibilities, and tipping is now below ground level to avoid creating an eyesore.
  11. The now familiar, if still poignant, sight of the Albert Memorial swathed in scaffolding and plastic, is set to remain a London eyesore until at least 1996.
  12. Spanking new trams may circumnavigate the bizarre architectural eyesore of Piccadilly - half Bulgarian showpiece plaza and half Gerry Anderson-style spaceport - but musically the city is in disarray.
  13. This is what the Council for National Parks thought of Langdale: "Langdale is not an eyesore.

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