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Перевод: fjord speek fjord



  1. Divers worked around the fjord and we did absolutely nothing, and said almost less.
  2. The hydrofoil entered the harbour, revealing the characteristic wooden docks, with brightly-painted buildings sticking out the fjord on spidery sticks.
  3. But this "lough" turned out be an arm of the sea itself, an Irish fjord at Leenane.
  4. We were travelling along the Lofoten Wall, an apt description for the mountains protecting this huge sea fjord.
  5. The town of Isafjrdur is on the far side of the fjord, a long way from the town, and reached by a bus ride past the first fish-drying frame you will see in this part of the island.
  6. Riborg showed her a photograph album, with herself by a fjord in a miniscule bikini.
  7. Tirpitz lies at the bottom of the local fjord, and every year the local diving club goes down to it on New Year's Day to retrieve a handful of bits guaranteed to fuel the old fires for another year.
  8. He tells me that a girlfriend of his was fishing, with her mother, from a rowing boat in the fjord near Troms one day.
  9. I stay local for a night, then climb the ridge above the far side of the fjord, making for Hestfjordur and a view of the big glacier.
  10. I sit near the fjord's edge and wonder whether to continue south towards Latrabjarg or whether to return north towards Drangajkull.
  11. I decided to go for a walk westward along the side of the fjord.
  12. The plane flew up the fjord, which seemed so narrow that the mountains were on both wing tips at the same time.
  13. Below, fishing boats and floating buses ploughed the fjord and seas.

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