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Перевод: flail speek flail

цеп ; трал ;
молотить; бичевать; крутиться; вертеться


  1. "Come Play With Me" is the usual, a slow canter that collapses into a deranged flail towards the end.
  2. Its sole gnarled arm was exceptionally strong and, wielding a flail of iron chain or leather thonging, he could destroy an orchard overnight.
  3. thresher's flail: And 'mid these dancing
  4. One ingenious attachment consists of a rotary wire flail, which is particularly useful, for carbon removal and is not as fierce as it sounds.
  5. Or use a flexible tree branch or heavy jacket as a flail to beat the person back.
  6. The chain terminated in an iron ball covered with spikes; a variant form had the chain supporting a wooden or iron flail sprouting spikes.
  7. Without that sense of reverberation or sensation, the brash colours and sharp slogans flail in ignominious and redundant isolation.
  8. It would also catch grain bounding off the floor with the force of flail threshing.
  9. What hedges still remain are no longer laid but occasionally slashed by a mobile mechanical flail.
  10. Economy of arm movement is important since the more you flail them about, the longer it takes to "cock" them for an effective punch.
  11. A close relative of the morgenstern was the aptly named "holy water sprinkler", more prosaically known as the military flail.
  12. Lost in the Musick of the whirling Flail,
  13. One was a rheumatic Black Country labourer who would come threshing with a flail, wearing a smock.

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