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Перевод: flaunt speek flaunt

гордо развеваться; рисоваться; выставлять себя напоказ; выставлять напоказ; важничать; щеголять; пренебрегать; реять


  1. This aptly describes the houses in this book, which were built on the whole by country gentry, tradesmen and clergymen, on a moderate scale, rather than by the aristocracy, who liked to flaunt their aesthetic views and show how cultivated they were on a much larger one.
  2. Job screeners later said Roscoe, 55, seemed to flaunt his lack of technical knowledge.
  3. Nobody questioned her right to flaunt her way of life.
  4. Desiring to flaunt his new found riches he did not want to be seen owning the house which lies behind - a rambling hotchpotch of roof lines and gables which evolved over centuries.
  5. If you can afford to pay 34,450, then flaunt it and enjoy it, because it's got what the others haven't - image and class.
  6. Hennes want you to flaunt your underwear this spring.
  7. In contrast, other writers abandon all pretence of detached objectivity and deliberately flaunt their presence, thereby foregrounding the subjective nature of their narrative.
  8. A grudge against the "flaunt it" Reagan and Thatcher years is in the air.
  9. The women had nothing to do but flaunt their prosperity.
  10. Some, like the stonefish, are inconspicuous, while others flaunt their chemical power by sailing around in bright colours that dare you to touch them.
  11. On Ollokot's left, Wahlitits, Red Moccasin Tops and Strong Eagle (Tipyahlahnah Kapskaps), all wearing red blanket coats to flaunt their bravery, broke the soldier line.
  12. When they went out women would flaunt the prosperity of their families.
  13. In such a competition, the right to display or flaunt the symbols of one's own culture, even when it was almost certain to provoke a violent response from the other side, was a crucial right.

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