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Перевод: fleshly speek fleshly

телесный; плотский; чувственный; мирской; суетный


  1. Fleshly, heavy things that come back to mock and torment you!"
  2. Food symbolises many things in this film, but the recurring image is of a cycle of fleshly decay fuelled by appetite.
  3. Their gods became sexless, spirit without flesh, without fleshly drives, pure thought.
  4. He speaks characteristically of his "greed" as well as his need; of his "longing" as well as his belonging (the latter more often by default - itself a mechanism of his alienation); of passion as well as affection; of fleshly appetites as well as the spiritual.
  5. It continues: in his nineteenth year considering the uncertain term of human life, and the fearful end especially before the fleshly and the worldly, he took thought, by the inspiration of God, providently concerning himself (remembering his end), lest he should be taken in the snares of sin.
  6. The fleshly temptations of porn pose a threat to public morality and so the law steps in.
  7. For him, the mountains of Tasgi were dank with decomposing vegetation, malodorous genitalia, fleshly betrayal, fathomless melancholy and the taste of a tongue bloodied by a thick thumb.
  8. Chesarynth looked at his sybaritic features and decided his laziness had made him prefer fleshly pleasures to work.
  9. "A never-never land of material values expressed in terms of gorgeous living, a plethora of high-powered cars and revolvers", as A. E. Morgan described it in 1939, "of unbridled desire, of love crudely sentimental or fleshly, of vast possessions, of ruthless acquisition, of reckless violence".
  10. I remember the smiles of delight which spread across the face of one mother when the little fleshly alarm clock which I had been handed, went off at the crucial moment.
  11. Despite all his endeavours, Nu felt he had not fully acquired jhana , which he defines as "extraordinary mental concentrations" which exclude fleshly attachments.
  12. There were even giggles as this (as he seemed to some of them) funny little man with a funny voice urged the audience to abstain from fleshly lusts.
  13. And still, despite it all, despite this living, fleshly rebuttal, he believed in the world's ability to progress, in man's ascent, in the defeat of superstition.

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