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Перевод: fulfillment speek fulfillment

исполнение; выполнение; осуществление; свершение; завершение


  1. 261 is between a Reggae music store which has T-shirts and records in its window, and the Osgood Fulfillment House, a halfway house for runaway children.
  2. These arguments are attractive, and might well justify private property in personal possessions, and also such productive assets as may be needed for the satisfactory fulfillment of an individual's human potential.
  3. Intersel Inc, a joint venture of response fulfillment house Response Technology and market tester Strathmore Group, is getting out of the ground in Waltham, Massachusetts.
  4. Formed at Munsingen, it left for the front on 16 February 1945 - far too late for Vlasov's dream to have a chance of fulfillment, and two weeks after the Wehrmacht officially cast KONR adrift as no longer part of the German armed forces.
  5. Prospective parents can find themselves having to weight the joys and fulfillment of bringing a new child into the world with the responsibilities and risks.
  6. What are modern feminists, busily undoing gender systems, doing setting up systematics of feminism and then, as it were, awarding or withholding Brownie points for their fulfillment or omission?
  7. The pleasure of the text stems at least in part from collective utopias, social wish fulfillment and social aspirations, and these are not simply the sublimated expression of more basic sexual desires.
  8. The inclusion of the charterer's duties in the text of the charter party made this contract conditional in the sense that its enforcement by the charterer depended upon fulfillment of the specified conditions.
  9. IBM Corp has yet another new company, IBM Software Manufacturing Co, which it has formed in Somers, New York to provide "a full range of fulfillment services to software developers": translated into English, that means duplicating floppy disks, producing and printing manuals, doing foreign language translation, packaging and assembly, and even providing worldwide distribution and marketing support; the new company has been formed to exploit the fact that IBM already offers these services through its IBM Programming Systems line of business to other IBM units and independent vendors; the company has also opened a CD-ROM manufacturing facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  10. an underlying flow of movement towards constructive fulfillment of its inherent possibility, which resides in every organism.
  11. 11.5 Clauses 7, 8 and 9 and, to the extent necessary, clauses 5 and 6 shall continue notwithstanding termination of this Agreement or the fulfillment of the parties' other obligations under this Agreement.
  12. This increased consumer good shortages and hampered fulfillment of export commitments, the paper said.
  13. Electronic Data Systems Corp has won a 10-year contract from Southland Corp to install as many as 4,000 automated teller machines in 7-11 stores across the US: installation will begin in June and the process is expected to take three years to complete and the General Motors Corp subsidiary will manage processing, administration, fulfillment and enhancement of the kit.

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