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Перевод: gherkin speek gherkin

колючий огурец [бот.] ; корнишон ; мелкий огурец для маринования


  1. "Introduction" as a title for an album by Mr Fingers is a joke: he's been hardcore, soul-House, deep acid, acid; half of The It, a third of Fingers Inc, all of Gherkin Jerks and Mr Fingers.
  2. Pt with sliced egg and gherkin.
  3. "One half of a gherkin," he said, unwrapping a small thin package in disgust.
  4. Gherkin.
  5. Gherkin for you?
  6. Actually, a damn sight more than from that stiff gherkin Smott.
  7. Pierce 2 olive halves and one gherkin with halved cocktail sticks and put in orange to make porcupines' eyes and nose.
  8. 1 small gherkin halved
  9. In 1812 one manufacturer, Maille, had 84 varieties including garlic, lemon peel, yarrow, mushroom, truffle, six berry, chive, gherkin, shallot, olive and Champagne.
  10. "What can you do with one half of a gherkin?"
  11. Lay the herring fillets skin side down and put some of the finely chopped onion and gherkin mixture on each.

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