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Перевод: ghetto speek ghetto

гетто; трущобы ; район трущоб


  1. We carry on to the old Jewish quarter (Josefov) and continue around to the E through the former Jewish ghetto, skirting the Old Town Square.
  2. As he thought this he felt in his heart a voiceless nameless twinge, like a tiny spark, which he chose to identify as a signal, which very rarely came through, from his ancestors who had lived in the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw.
  3. Right from the early 1960s the attitude of local authorities and housing departments has been that "ghettos" must be avoided at all costs, and even a handful of Asian families can make an area into a ghetto.
  4. Angleside is the black ghetto of Rummidge, where youth unemployment is eighty per cent and rioting endemic.
  5. Urban life's now seen as a threat to our vulnerable individuality: the jungle of the ghetto, the "urban hell" that rap music talks about, becomes a paradigm for all of us.
  6. There is a lot to pity them for - the stories touch on ghetto hardships, on murders and deportations.
  7. The High Synagogue now houses a textile museum and you may buy tickets here for all the museums in the ghetto.
  8. A day-trip from Phuket had only whetted our appetite and we had left that tourist ghetto by local bus and moved into a hot and grubby Chinese hotel in Phang Nga town.
  9. By the 1950s, The Ridges was the criminal ghetto of Newcastle, and by the 1970s a costly council manicure job had turned it into a free-fire zone.
  10. Already, he has had some effect in cooling cultural animosities, in "bringing the ghetto to the suburb and the suburb to the ghetto".
  11. Like Donald White, Hall is a child of the ghetto: the son of a Cleveland preacher, the late Reverend Fred Hall, and his wife Annie.
  12. Changes to the tax and benefit structure, and expanded economic opportunity in the ghetto, may reduce the number of children born outside marriage.
  13. The worst one I remember was a woman whose company had a small place in the rag trade ghetto round the back of Oxford Circus.

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