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Перевод: ghost speek ghost

привидение; призрак ; дух ; душа ; тень ; легкий след; фактический автор, тайно работающий на другое лицо; писатель-невидимка ; удвоенное изображение;
являться; преследовать; бродить как привидение; преследовать как привидение; быть фактическим автором; пис`ать за другого


  1. The journey, however, proves to be a descent into hell, for Comala turns out to be a ghost town which has been devastated by the oppression of his father, the tyrannical landowner Pedro Pramo, and whose few remaining inhabitants live in despair, convinced that they have been banished forever from the grace of God.
  2. They would never believe his ghost story in the morning.
  3. For his blasphemy and irresponsible behaviour, he was doomed to wander about like a sea-tossed ghost, never to rest again.
  4. Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
  5. Floating about the staircase of Wilton House, the family seat since the 16th century, is the ghost of a nun.
  6. An industrious GHOST thought to haunt Scottish mines.
  7. Sunday was always the same in the Lewis home - now that it really was the Lewis home; for the first ten years of Jo's life her mother had been away making films and her father had been away on business so much that the main house had been a ghost dwelling; the Chippendale and Sheraton furniture was draped in dust sheets.
  8. Borwick has a ghost and many fascinating stories and traditions.
  9. The old word "galley", from whence the ghost's name derived, means to scare or frighten.
  10. He was spared further speculation by the descent of Miss Harker, candle aloft, like a vengeful ghost.
  11. A British GHOST starring Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman, TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY is screened in the Festival at the Midlands Arts Centre on September 30 at 9pm.
  12. This was written for Lady Cynthia Asquith's ghost book.
  13. The churchyard is said to be the scene of a visitation from a ghost - reputedly a "young man in black", who caused the frantic barking by a dog one evening and then promptly disappeared!

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