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Перевод: ghoul speek ghoul

вурдалак ; упырь ; вампир ; кладбищенский вор


  1. Reynard questions this repulsive ghoul, with neither hope nor disappointment.
  2. Ghoul
  3. "A ghoul!
  4. I thought you were some sort of ghoul come to come to do what ghouls do."
  5. An awesome GHOUL, native to the voodoo island of Haiti.
  6. Umberto, snoring in the tack room, barricaded against ghoul and hobgoblin by one of the feedbins, was woken to a punishing hangover by the increasingly irritated din of muzzled horses kicking their water buckets.
  7. Tall and slim with a strong, handsome face, he didn't look like a ghoul.
  8. Then the ghoul will rob the corpse of the interred jewellery and devour the newly dead flesh with its sharp fangs.
  9. A ghoul!
  10. "Look - it's hard to explain clearly when you're shattered but yesterday I thought you were a ghoul.
  11. You might expect the creator of such grisly images to be a bit of a ghoul himself but Hutson is a small, chirpy bloke who lives with wife Belinda in a new, mock-Tudor Bovis home in Milton Keynes, listens to heavy metal music and supports Liverpool.
  12. The insanity of one unites the sane majority, while the ghoul and the cynic get another cheap thrill.
  13. An American ghoul to boot, she now realized, as she registered his accent.

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