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Перевод: ghoulish speek ghoulish

омерзительный; мерзкий; отвратительный; дьявольский


  1. The 1990 election campaigns are confirming that this lesson was well learnt: candidates are indulging in ghoulish rivalry in support of execution.
  2. Only when they came close was it possible to make out the dark shadow of a hand and arm carving each one, the sketchy outline of a black body behind, and above, a ghoulish half-lit face with gaping shadowy craters for mouth and eyes.
  3. Whenever he spoke, it would compose itself into a ghoulish grin.
  4. It was the somewhat ghoulish climax to the celebration of St Oliver Plunkett Day when a helicopter brought the 300-year-old body from its resting place.
  5. Perhaps they were influenced by the ghoulish sets and sound effects, Christopher Lee's cape and the "blood capsules" they bought to disgust their pals.
  6. In a move variously described as "ghoulish", "Machiavellian" and "sick", Mr Creed, it was alleged, had orchestrated this posthumous resignation, instructing expert embalmers to preserve the corpse and even arranging a photo session two days after Sir Charles's death (Sir Charles's lifeless arm around Mr Creed's shoulders) so a picture could be released to the press along with a transcript of the letter of resignation.
  7. In my children, then aged between thirty-one and twenty-two, I sensed a certain ghoulish concern.
  8. B: Raul Julia, or that ghoulish Gomez of The Addams Family
  9. He then goes on to say that after her death he loved her more than when she was alive - this leads us into a trap, for we begin to feel that the old man was a ghoulish sentimentalist.
  10. MODERN EXISTENTIALIST thriller played out in a ghoulish horror setting.
  11. Is not that rather ghoulish?"
  12. She hurried across the course and pushed through a knot of ghoulish spectators who were standing gloomily by the area which had been cordoned off.
  13. "That's a bit ghoulish," he joked nervously.

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