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Перевод: Jamaica speek Jamaica

ром ; ямайский ром;
[имя собственное]
Ямайка [геогр.]


  1. In Jamaica, which has enormous political problems because of its adverse balance of payments, imported energy makes up more than half the cost even of a bag of cement produced locally.
  2. By Geoffrey Dean in Kingston, Jamaica
  3. It has been confirmed that Steve Collins, an Irish-American middleweight from Brockton, Mass, will challenge Mike McCallum of Jamaica for the WBA title in Dublin on February 3.
  4. This is based on a detailed survey of 687 km 2 , which is c. 6 per cent of Jamaica's total land area.
  5. Japan's ruling Liberal Democrats would no more dare sanction an open-door policy for Asia's migrant workers than would Britain's Conservatives risk letting in thousands more from Jamaica or Pakistan.
  6. Gwendolen is a Jamaican girl who is sexually abused first by an "uncle" in Jamaica and then, when she joins her parents in London, by her father.
  7. I also found the standards of education at Canberra behind those of Jamaica.
  8. During the time we spent in Jamaica, I was greatly impressed with the enthusiasm of the committed Rottweiler owners.
  9. In Jamaica the use of hillside ditches and contour mounds produced sustainable yields of 38 t/ha/p.a. and reduced soil loss to 17 t/ha/p.a. while traditional cultivation methods only yielded 26 t/ha/p.a., with a rate of soil loss of 134 t/ha/p.a.
  10. Home advantage meant that pitches could be prepared especially to suit fast bowlers, and come the first Test in Jamaica it was soon evident this is what had happened.
  11. They call Jamaica the "Island in the Sun", and that is my memory of it.
  12. At Canberra, gangs would try to beat me up; in Jamaica there were fights, but they were one to one.

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