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Перевод: James speek James

[имя собственное]
Джеймс ; Иаков


  1. James came quietly.
  2. Ar-see-nee-yo coaxes boxer Tommy Hearns into imitating James Brown, gets Bobby Brown to do the Running Man, eats fried pies packed by Malcolm Jamal-Warner's loving grandma.
  4. The number of goals created from rearguard beginnings by Alex James were the most significant factor in Arsenal's greatness."
  5. James III's astrologer and physician, Archbishop William Scheves of St Andrews, is a descendant from the old family.
  6. At Holy Trinity, Brompton, all four priests are Old Etonians, one of the churchwardens is a former private secretary of Margaret Thatcher's, and it is not unknown for members of the congregation to go on to a wedding reception in St James's Palace.
  7. FORTE HOTELS MATCHROOM LGE. - J Parrott bt W Thorne 8-;0, A Drago (Malta) bt T Meo 6-;2, S James bt G Wilkinson 5-;3, S Davis bt Drago 5-;3, J Wattana (Thailand) bt Miss A Fisher 6-;2, Wattana bt Meo 6-;2, J White bt M Hallett 5-;3.
  8. James (1890) was perhaps the first to offer what amounts to an associative account of the acquired distinctiveness of cues.
  9. The conversion of St James's did not result in the classic consequence church conversion - namely, the creation of a central lightless dwellings access corridor between two lateral banks of living accommodation.
  10. Bringing home the exiles is a possible option (James Whitaker, Bill Athey, Steven Rhodes) but players of this class will not be lured back easily, for the reasons above.
  11. Its justification was the lack of policy in the country since the death of James V; it attacked the desire for private profit of those who governed, and the threat of the subjugation of Scotland by the old enemy, England; and it asserted the signatories, zeal for justice, and the liberty and honour of the realm.
  12. In James Callaghan's famous speech at Ruskin College, Oxford, in October 1976, from which the Great Debate emerged, he spoke of a school curriculum which would aim "to equip children for a lively, constructive place in society, and also fit them for a job of work".
  13. I was running in the 100 and 200 metres with some very imposing names: Don Quarrie, who was the Olympic 200 metres champion from Montreal three years earlier; Allan Wells, the British number one; James Gilkes from Guyana, a world-class runner; and the big, imposing figure of Haseley Crawford, the Montreal 100 metres gold medallist.

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