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  1. The tickets must be for travel between 30 October and 14 December and between 2 January and 8 February.
  2. Details of the "community charge reduction scheme" were produced in January 1991 and then modified in March 1991.
  3. Revised plans, omitting the classrooms and making other alterations, reduced the cost to 16,500 and in January 1953 the then Ministry of Finance granted permission to build.
  4. Complete counts of the Oystercatcher population wintering in Sussex in each January from 1972 to 1976 ranged from 940 to 1,530, and averaged 1,170.
  5. A most unusual picture at the Tower, with trams emerging from the fog in January 1953.
  6. During late January and early February the Bf110s of III/ZG 26, Ju87s of I/St.G 1 and Ju88s of II and III/LG 1 and 1(F)/121, moved to this new area.
  7. A department report in January said numbers had fallen every year since 1984, when 238,000 teenagers attended a clinic.
  8. On 18th, January 1912, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and his colleagues, reached the South Pole to find that Amundsen had reached there before them, and the whole party perished in appalling weather on their return journey to their ship Terra Nova, in which they had sailed from England in 1910.
  9. Even greater passions were aroused by a spy case of absolutely no strategic significance whatever, the case of Alger Hiss, who was finally jailed in January 1950, after two years of allegation and wild rumour.
  10. Apple Computer, Inc. in the States is claimed to be the world leading computer manufacturer, and in January 1992, they advocated a prospect and development for "PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)" information devices of a new category which would bridge the gap between the current personal computers and consumers electronics.
  11. Although 1 January 1993 is often referred to as the starting date for the single market, this date is more a convenient expression than of specific legal significance.
  12. Friday 20 January
  13. Patrick earl of Bothwell made two bonds of manrent, one to Mary in August 1543 for a yearly pension of 1000, the other to her great rival regent Arran in January 1546, not for the normal term of his life, but for as long as Arran remained governor.

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