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Перевод: japan speek japan

лак ; черный лак; лакированное японское изделие;
лакировать; покрывать черным лаком


  1. THE trade warriors of Japan and America understand each other, even though their battles may be fierce.
  2. Mr Warren's equivalent in Japan would almost certainly have had his windows double-glazed.
  3. Nine countries originally entered the convention under which the IATTC functions, although only five (US, Panama, France, Japan, and Mexico) remained in 1986.
  4. But if the worst really came to the worst in Japan, the resulting mess could not simply be welcomed as come-uppance.
  5. brought together into indissoluble union our Western theory of Darwin and that strange doctrine of metempsychosis which was carried to Japan with Buddhism
  6. The mother ship of Japan's four-vessel whaling fleet left yesterday for the Antarctic, where officials say it will catch 300 whales in the third year of a controversial research programme.
  7. FOR an economy that is supposedly manipulated to make it impervious to market forces, Japan has moved remarkably rapidly from joy to gloom.
  8. The integration of GIS and DSS for hazard mitigation is an active research area in the USA, Japan and Europe.
  9. According to Ulric Weil of Morgan Stanley, the US firm of industry analysts, by 1987 Japan will have closed any remaining gap in its ability to develop software on a par with that of the top American firms.
  10. But the very first visitors to Japan assumed, from the local socks, that the Japanese had only two toes.
  11. He has not received a reply, but, as a sponsor of a Bill going through Congress threatening retaliation if Japan does not practice an open door policy, his anger could be translated into action.
  12. Just one quarter of Britain's robots were made in the UK; 37 per cent came from the rest of Europe while 24 per cent and 14 per cent owe their origins to the US and Japan.
  13. Japan's banks are cutting back their business after years of reckless lending.

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