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Перевод: Japanese speek Japanese

японец ; японка ; японцы ; японский язык


  1. The result is that if a Japanese firm was systematically making investments using its earnings yield as a measure of the cost of capital, it would soon be making a loss.
  2. On the other side of the Atlantic, stores in Paris's chic Avenue Montaigne, a mecca for Japanese tourists, said that sales to foreigners had fallen sharply.
  3. Japanese intransigence, however, served only to harden the resolve of the island nations of the South Pacific.
  4. According to a second story, Mr Bond had offloaded his entire collection on a Japanese businessman closely associated with the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Mr Bond's principal backers.
  5. The Japanese are luckier since they can eat in the Tokyo-Baikal, their own joint-venture next door.
  6. America's carmakers did much the same in the 1980s by failing to respond to the growing Japanese competition in America's small-car market.
  7. Or might we still be awaiting the development of personal computers by some Japanese company?
  8. In 1987-;89 Japanese interest rates fell to record lows, with the central bank's discount rate at 2.5% and prime-borrowing costs for Japanese companies around 4-;6%.
  9. This may be unfair on her, but it probably helps the Community to have Mrs Cresson threatening to block Japanese exports if "reciprocal access" is not given to European goods in Japan.
  10. The Japanese are no longer shying away from outright acquisition, as the recent purchase of the merchant bank Guinness Mahon by the Bank of Yokohama shows.
  11. The greatest number of forms is to be found in the group loosely called the Japanese type, Acer palmatum.
  12. To add to the senseless tragedy, the Japanese didn't really know what to do with all the dolphin carcasses once they had killed them.
  13. He claimed it was the fabled treaure, buried in 1945, of the Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita.

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