j ja jc jd je ji jn jo jp jr jt ju

Перевод: jab speek jab

толчок ; пинок ; внезапный удар; удар ; укол ; прививка ;
толкать; ударять; тыкать; пихать; колоть; втыкать; вонзать; пронзать; пырнуть


  1. The doctor was so used to being called in a second time to cope with the results of his first visit that eventually he dug in his heels and advised against another jab dealing with whooping-cough.
  2. Some good words to use are CAB JIG FED HAD JADE JAB BEACH BAG BADE CHEF FADE
  3. At the seeming-innocent jab Lachlan suddenly leaped up, forgetting where he was.
  4. Instead, pick up a pen, close your eyes and try to jab your biro down in the bull's-eye.
  5. With great effort she managed to bend her arm and jab the point of her elbow in the soft pit of his stomach.
  6. A JAB which could defeat skin cancer will begin its human trial soon.
  7. In his third professional contest two weeks ago, against the veteran Welshman Andy Gerrard, Lewis displayed patience, mobility, a punishing left jab, and the power of his punching.
  8. Eventually she manages to deliver a particularly nasty jab and he goes up.
  9. "Nigel's left jab is very low, and his big right cross is very slow.
  10. He was defending himself with great skill, every now and then sliding his hands down the staff and striking at a distance with its full length, and then suddenly changing direction and bringing the shortened end up in a jab at the face or stomach of one of the attackers he had tempted to come too close.
  11. It was very much closer when he accompanied his "Right, Boyo" with a jab in my ribs with his rifle butt.
  12. "I'll give him a massive jab of vitamin B," said Phil when he'd examined him, "and some Buscopan.
  13. Travel: New jab for travellers

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