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Перевод: jabber speek jabber

болтовня ; бормотание; тарабарщина ; трескотня ;
говорить быстро и невнятно; тараторить; бормотать; болтать; трещать


  1. To gossip: to natter, to prattle, to chatter, to tittle-tattle, to jabber, to jaw.
  2. I cannot remember us jabber of journos enjoying a joke more.
  3. "I can't stand her and her jabber any more, Ben," she was saying.
  4. Kinky jabber nabbed
  5. Franco continued to jabber away, his words interspersed with little outbursts of laughter.
  6. Oh no; she couldn't put up with that, not at this moment; and so, saying, "Stop your jabber and get on with your breakfast.
  7. First, of course, is the jabber of money, which might be represented as the blur on the top rung of a typewriter - - sums, subtractions, compound terrors and greeds.
  8. Having lived in Deptford all his life, Albie knew every jabber, snorter, speed-freak and pot-head in sixteen square miles.
  9. There was the jabber of a car horn in his ear.
  10. Stop your jabber.
  11. Don't go about much; no late returning in crowded streets from Earl's Court or elsewhere; no dissipating jabber and smoking and drinking with the Andrews where Helen was employed.
  12. Out of the jabber of syllables - the man's and the woman's - came her question.

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