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Перевод: Jack speek Jack

парень ; человек ; работник ; поденщик ; валет [карт.] ; матрос ; детектив ; сыщик ; верхолаз ;
[имя собственное]


  1. Jack dropped his handful of bruised petals.
  2. Jack Heinz and I thought as one: that if the drawings could be housed in a Portman Square modernised for fire and climate control, and have the financial burden lifted from the shoulders of the RIBA, this would allow for spatial manoeuvre in Portland Place.
  3. "Leave her alone, Jack.
  4. And there was the 600 Group's chairman, Sir Jack Wellings, in a very bullish mood.
  5. Moving away from the mirror, Jack looked into the future, twenty, thirty years hence.
  6. Jack Peach had a sense of humour peculiar to himself.
  7. Slowly, as quietly as he could, Jack pushed through the undergrowth, trembling slightly in anticipation of what might happen.
  8. Even Jack on the look-out with his gun wouldn't keep him away.
  9. Then after Farish had displaced these shots and Baxter had moved the jack for Cumbria to hold three, Harlow trailed it again to leave Cumbria still holding one.
  10. However, long before Pete Dye's Ocean course was planned, other big names in the world of golf course design had made their mark with courses at Osprey Point (Tom Fazio), Marsh Point (Gary Player), where 13 of the 18 holes are framed by water, and Turtle Point (Jack Nicklaus), which is rated among the top ten in South Carolina (Golf Digest, a leading U.S. golf magazine, refers to it as one of America's top resort courses).
  11. "Reg, it's about Jack."
  12. "When you've put the jack away," she said, "could you get in the car and go and get Maisie from ballet?"
  13. He was only a couple of years older than Jack but he was huge - almost as wide as he was tall - and although Jack had never had much to do with him he knew he was reputed to be a bully.

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