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Перевод: jackal speek jackal

шакал ; подлый обманщик ; подхалим ; наемный убийца [сл.] ; человек, делающий для другого черную работу;
исполнять неприятную работу; исполнять черную работу


  1. Anton, his rolling bobbing head, in and out: and his mouth was ghastly, streaming blood and he bit at random, where he could: a cannibal feast, and there seemed no end to Parker, elephant big, but soft and white and easy to bleed, full of smells; he could, heightened senses, whiff the slightest reek, the ebb and flow, as might a jackal, the strength drawn out of Parker.
  2. The carnivore was probably a medium to small canid such as the jackal (see also Horowitz Goldberg, 1989).
  3. The Day Of The Jackal , Frederick Forsyth (again)
  4. 8.5 left Fake Egyptian jackal's head of lapis lazuli (EA 64075).
  5. The god of the dead spirits, Chontamenti (He Who Is In The Utmost West), is often depicted with the head of a dog or jackal and newly dead spirits sometimes assume this form also, howling as the cortege passes.
  6. When a young female black-backed jackal first comes into heat she is followed by several young males, one of which she selects as her long-term partner.
  7. His ears were sharp as a jackal's and he could spot the tracks of a hippo from an extraordinary distance.
  8. An example of this is a jackal's head, purportedly ancient Egyptian, and carved from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli (fig. 8.5).
  9. 12 The Day of the Jackal Frederick Forsyth 1971
  10. Tail-wagging, rolling on their back and exposing their tender neck, the tail-between-the-legs routine, the self-confident bound and posturing of the top dog - all these and many similar body gestures of greeting, submission and dominance are common to many related canine species, whether wolf, hyena, dog or jackal.
  11. "Jackal."
  12. The lapis in the jackal's head is therefore unlikely to be ancient.
  13. "Being successful at that age was a great blessing," says James, who's the broth of Edward Fox, the star of Day of the Jackal , and also theatre impresario Robert Fox.

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