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Перевод: jackass speek jackass

болван ; дурак ; осел


  1. If you pumped hard enough you could probably find some jackass willing to say he'd be damned if he'd "let the niggers hold a barbecue on the White House lawn".
  2. The Sun devoted an angry leader to the subject, demanding: "The jumped-up jackass who sacked Alex Bryson should be tied to the tracks."
  3. One technique is to excite a jackass with a jenny donkey and then au moment critique , substitute a mare.
  4. Yet another species of penguin nests on Kidney Island, the Magellanic or "jackass" penguin.
  5. This also meant searching for remains on offshore islands, reached by kayak through seas teeming with porpoises, albatrosses, sea lions and jackass penguins.
  6. B-17F-30-VE 42 - 5897 had been christened Roundtrip Jack and wore an appropriate Jackass caricature with a golden tooth.
  7. And I am happy to name the jackass.
  8. Careful, you jackass!
  9. Tory MP Harry Greenway branded Mr Delors "a jackass".

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