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Перевод: jacket speek jacket

куртка ; жакет ; камзол ; шкура животного; кожура ; шелуха ; папка ; обложка ; суперобложка ; чехол ; кожух машины [тех.]; рубашка ; обшивка ; маншон ; конверт для грампластинки; френч ;
надевать куртку; надевать жакет; надевать чехол; надевать кожух


  1. As she emerged into the Rue Castiglione the cold hit Harriet like a slap in the face and she lifted her camera, easing the zipper of her sky-blue ski jacket right up under her chin and turning the collar up around her ears.
  2. Before we went we met in the family room, Tremayne pretending nonchalance and looking unexpectedly sophisticated in his dinner jacket: grey hair smooth in wings, strong features composed, bulky body slimmed by ample expert tailoring.
  3. It's very tempting to leave your jacket and tie at home when the temperature starts to soar.
  4. Inside, the hotel offers comfortable and spacious lounges, a restaurant (gentlemen are requested to wear a jacket and tie for dinner), and with a traditional bar.
  5. And this is a useful contribution I cannot believe that the book jacket blurb was seen by Barry Gale; it informs us that "In 1859, when Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species , he had no more evidence in support of his theory than did the creationists" which is a caricature of Gale's quite unexceptionable thesis.
  6. When, at last, some nasty little spots began to appear, and he had spent the last night of the year sitting up in bed and holding his pyjama jacket away from his afflictions, Joan put her foot down.
  7. It was his walk, his dark, cropped hair, his leather jacket.
  8. Wool jacket 205, wool skirt 85, turtle neck sweater 95, all from Mondi; leather pumps 24.99, Faith; tights, 1.25, Berkshire; earrings 5.95, chunky bangle 8.95, both Accessorize
  9. "My, that's a lovely jacket you're wearing," replied Mr Slipper.
  10. "Crimson is the colour of passion rage blood" - also the colour of most things featured on a revealing dust jacket.
  11. As he approached details became clear: the anxious face of a young man framed by the jacket's collar pulled tight around the neck, shoulders hunched.
  12. She tucked her dark blue silk scarf more securely into the neck of the beige jumper she wore under her thick tweed jacket.
  13. In the kitchen he put on the combat jacket under his anorak.

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