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Перевод: jackpot speek jackpot

банк [карт.] ; куш ; самый крупный выигрыш в лотерее; затруднительное положение


  1. Soccer Diary: Blocks placed on Wassall's sprint jackpot
  2. The size of the jackpot stunned 68-year-old Charlie, of Blackpool, Lancs.
  3. Vernon hits the jackpot
  4. If only if only if only there could be some way of reaching agreement, some way of reassuring each player that the other can be trusted not to go for the selfish jackpot, some way of policing the agreement.
  5. The then Minister of Power, Fred Lee, announcing the successful construction tender for the first AGR, said, "I am quite sure we have hit the jackpot this time".
  6. But they were up against history and another well-backed Jackpot candidate went down.
  7. A married couple who are sexually compatible ought to score 3 out of 4, and if they share the same hobbies, it's a jackpot.
  8. RODGRIGO DE TRIANO may consolidate owner Robert Sangster's enviable position as the first Classics approach by winning the Singer Friedlander Greenham Stakes at Newbury today and looks a must for those seeking to land the 80,000-plus Tote Jackpot pool.
  9. With Alhamad already 25-;1 for the Derby and Henry Cecil in all-conquering form, it was hardly surprising that Prince Faisal's Slip Anchor colt should start an odds-on favourite, the "banker" for many Jackpot permutations.
  10. JACKPOT pools winner Charlie Hill toasted his 2 million windfall yesterday and promised: "It won't change me."
  11. A MEMORABLE Lester Piggott triumph (on Fylde Flyer in the Abernant Stakes) and a somewhat controversial Pat Eddery defeat (on Alhamad in the Constant Security Maiden Stakes) played crucial parts in the survival at Newmarket yesterday of a 195,497 Tote Jackpot pool.
  12. That was certainly the philosophy during the times of economic crisis in the early Eighties when the original run of Barnum played to packed houses, and when the National Theatre hit the jackpot with its first musical, Guys And Dolls.
  13. Reid earned a jackpot prize of 20,000 for acing the 164-yard, par three 14th hole.

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