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  2. Ambulance paramedic duty manager Mike Jackson said: "She was in a bad way when we arrived.
  3. So far Mr Jackson has not endorsed Mr Brown, but he has left the impression he would accept an invitation to be on the ticket if the former governor of California beats exceedingly long odds to become the Democrats' White House nominee.
  4. It seemed that Ellen and I were not the only ones to take such a precaution, for late that night Jackson Chatterton lumbered on deck with a bottle in one huge hand.
  5. When Mr Jackson went I just carried on lying there.
  6. I should've tidied up a bit - that would've made Mr Jackson think I'm grown up enough to look after myself, but it's too late now.
  7. But despite his 500,000 windfall, Christie revealed yesterday he had refused to pay 55 for a special visa to race in Australia with Colin Jackson.
  8. "She was dynamic, had tremendous energy and was thoroughly decisive," Bramall told me at the launch of a book, The Chiefs, which he has written with Gen Sir William Jackson.
  9. In the end not even Jackson could keep Palace in the 1st Division.
  10. Cheerfully bending ears this week somewhere in London are Bald Howlin' Bastard, Daisy Chainsaw, The Wandering Crutchless, Benny Profane, The Gordon Jackson Five and New Fast Automatic Daffodils.
  11. JACKSON Tube amp, 50 watt, like a supercharged Marshall, this is one of only 3 in UK, designed by Jackson USA, made in England, 350.
  12. Commandeering a large pot of tea and a plate of jam tarts, Elizabeth Budd, Wynne Jackson, Betty Bullock, Betty Coyte, Kath Vale, Angela Knowles and Jill Elson, alias the Dormouse, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Alice and the King, prepare to tuck in.

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